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We are proud of where we are and it's history. on this page we will be bringing just a little bit of that history for you to read. Starting with an article kindly donated to us from an original of Tackeroo.


An Account from "An Original".

The Railway served the Great War camps on The Chase, Brocton and Rugeley, not Brindley village. Many of the tracks across the area were caused by Centurion Tanks when the Army used the Chase for manoeuvres in the late 1950's to the 1960's.

A lot of the trees have been felled on Brindley heath in the last 12 months, the aim of which is to return the area to heath land, the way it used to be 80 to 100 years ago. Thus attracting back to the area wildlife, which has not been seen on Brindley Heath for a long time.

Starting at The Tackeroo Venue, and then following the marked routes, the walks through the beautiful countryside are very interesting and stimulating. A pure delight to both body and soul.


Brindley Heath RAF Camp
The camp was build in 1948 and used for the 6th school technical training. In January 1957 Hungarian refugees were temporarily housed there on their expulsion from Hungary. This was the only place in the country giving shelter to the refugees. 10, 000 was spent making the camp habitable and a cost of 1000 per day was spent housing up to 900 men women and children.

The project was funded by the British Council for aid. The Hungarian male refugees were offered job at the local mines but opposition was shown by the local miners reports "The Courier" the local paper of 1957. The camp was demolished in 1960 and Staffordshire County Council Acquired the land.


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