Yes, it is true, you can have the best day of your life right here at The Tackeroo! We have now got a bona-fide and legal license for you to be married on the premises!

Whatever your taste, from traditional to Rock ‘n’ Roll we will try to cater for you here at the Tack, there has never been a better place to tie the knot, and there’s never been a better time than right now! We checked out Etsy and found a few smaller companies but ultimately settled on Americansignletters.com to help us out.

That and a few items from Amazon made it really come together!

Newsflash for gay couples! If you have decided to be one of the first to hold a civil partnership ceremony when the new law comes into force on December 21, then why not consider the Tackeroo! Theme your wedding at the Tack and become part of history!

For more information why not visit Gay Friendly Wedding Venues

Imagine it, a proper legal ceremony, a good feed, then entertainment, maybe a gig even, all at the best rock venue in town!

Call Geoff for full details including quotes for your custom rockin wedding!